About Us

MBEAM members come from a cross-section of the biking world and this is reflected in their preference for the bikes they ride. Some of the bikes ridden by past and present members are shown in our album.

How can the Group help me?

Our aims are to:

  • Improve road safety by raising riding standards
  • Prepare people for their Advanced Riding Test

Members of the public are invited to take out Associate membership of the Group and join one of our courses.

They are then given free on-the-road guidance by trained Observers who have passed the IAM Advanced Test. The course includes urban, rural and motorway riding.

Completion of the course enables the Associates to take their test with an IAM examiner.

Passing the test will raise your riding standards by increasing your skills of anticipation and competence. You will also become more confident and aware of what is going on around you.

As a result of your improved skills your bike will also benefit because the wear and tear on it will be reduced.

How does the Group operate?

The group hold regular events and rideouts.

We also circulate a newsletter and have an online forum where members can meet, ask questions, discuss biking and non biking issues, etc.