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Biker Down Course - Jan 13th  


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07/12/2018 6:43 am  

Biker Down Course 

Lancaster Fire Station, Cable St, LA1 1Hh  12:30-15:30

The training comprises of three modules:

Module 1 – Incident Scene Management: managing the scene until help arrives, risk assessment and appropriate actions.

Module 2 – Casualty Care: how to treat the typical trauma and mechanism of injury found at the scene of a motorcycle related incident, including major bleeds and basic life support, managing spinal injuries, helmet removal and CPR.

Module 3 – The Science of Being Seen (devised by Kevin Williams from Survival Skills Motorcycle Training): examining phenomena such as motion camouflage, saccadic masking and looming and highlighting that a biker’s best defence is assuming that they might not be seen and riding accordingly.

This is a free, open course (Not Mbeam specific). To book go to, search for biker down lancs.

Andy Griffiths
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07/12/2018 5:02 pm  

Hi Rudy

If there's still room add me to the list please - will double-check the diary tomorrow but think am OK to attend.


Thanks for organising


Andy Griff


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