Why do we do it? Well the simple answer is because we love biking and bikes! We love the things that only bikers really appreciate. The acceleration, the speed, the howl of the airbox and growl of the exhaust. The sweeping bends and fast straights, all combine to provide a unique and rewarding experience for the rider.

These things seem to be in the bikers blood, it's a passion and a drug that makes one rider want to ride 500 miles a day and another want to spend the day challenging his/her skill levels on the twisties. It's different things to us all but the same hazards threaten us all!

No need to talk statistics. Bikers in this area know only too well how frequently the deaths and serious injuries occur. Chilling isn't it? I've never lost a friend or member of my family on a bike and I pray to God I never will, but many out there have.

Accidents will always happen. The sad fact is that many can be avoided and advanced riding techniques are THE way forward. Not because it'll sterilise your riding or spoil your image, because it will do neither. It's the way forward because it will contribute to keeping you alive on our roads by giving you a massively reduced chance of a serious accident. Proven. That's why insurers offer discounts.

What about that image? Take a look around the website and you'll see a great mix of bikes new and old, sports and tourer. Better still, contact us! A warm welcome awaits, followed by a free assessment ride and outline of our programme. Then, assuming you can take the challenge, we'll make you a better rider. If you ride fast, we'll make you safer and fast. If you ride slow, we'll make you safer and possibly faster. That's the challenge we take for no financial reward. We do it because we love biking and bikes!