Events and Rideout Coordinator duties

To canvass members and associates regarding their thoughts, ideas and wishes for future events and rideouts throughout the year

In conjunction with the committee ensure that an event/ rideout programme for the following year is available for committee approval by December of the previous year

To arrange ride leaders and TEC's to provide detailed event/ rideout plans

To provide guidance, training to Ride Leaders and TEC's in accordance with IAM and MBEAM group riding policy

To store, maintain and arrange transport when required for MBEAM equipment as identified in the Asset Register

To maintain the Equipment Asset Register database up to date and available for viewing by all committee members

To ensure that all electrical equipment is suitably tested in accordance with the Portable Appliance Regulations

To liaise with the MBEAM Webmaster to ensure all events/ rideouts are correctly identified on the MBEAM website