Membership Secretary duties

 A flowchart of what happens for full and associate membership applications is available here.

When recruiting at promotional events the following has been suggested:

  Question Number 1 is Where do you live?.....

  If they are in our area then everything else should fall into place after that.

  If the person is really keen AND is in our area then give them a Full Pack as described below.
  It's a good idea to point out what to do with the forms before they leave!

  Full Pack

  In a red Skill for Life folder there should be an envelope addressed to the Membership Secretary, an MBEAM Specimen Letter, an MBEAM Associate Membership Application Form, a Gift Aid Form, a Your Bike Questionnaire, 4 pages of Information on MBEAM and a triplicate IAM "Skill For Life" Enrolment Form.  This triplicate form should have in the "For GROUP use" section already filled in "5252" as our IAM GROUP NUMBER and our GROUP NAME as " Morecambe Bay Estuaries M/C".
  The potential associate is asked to fill in the Gift Aid Form, the Associate Membership Application Form and the IAM "Skill For Life" Form making sure they complete the Payment Section.  They are to retain the PINK copy themselves and to send the WHITE copy to IAM in London along with their payment . They are to send the GREEN copy along with their completed Associate Membership Application & Gift Aid Forms and £12 to the membership secretary in the enclosed addressed envelope.

  If they are not that serious then give them a "doctored" Green "A Skill for Life" leaflet with one of our Flyers inside it.