Course Cost

The price of the Advanced Rider course is determined by the IAM and is currently £149 (2017).

Special offers

MBEAM are currently offering a £40 cashback offer to new associates signing up for Skill for Life.

Lancashire Road Safety Partnership are offering a £75 cash back incentive against IAM advanced training for those living in Lancashire who have completed their BikeSafe course.

Cumbria Road Safety Partnership are also offering a massive £100 cash-back incentive (subject to availability) for associates living in Cumbria and taking their Advanced test within 12 months.

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Contact us to ask if there are any other short term offers or incentives, e.g. discounts for having attended BikeSafe courses, etc.

Associates can qualify for either of the above offers but not both.  For further details and to sign up for these offers please contact our membership secretary.

For members who have already passed their Advanced Rider course and who wish to progress to Master Rider:

The Master Rider course (with mentoring)  £various – see individual pricing on the IAM website

The Master Rider ‘taster’ sessions  £35 for 1 hour.