Just wanted to say ...

Just wanted to say Hello and pass on my Thanks  


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08/04/2018 3:10 pm  


Today, was my first meeting of MBeam Members, though I was there last week at the Breakfast at Torver.  

I'm socially really awkward. I find it difficult to talk to people, so don't think me as rude for not talking to anyone.  It's not deliberate and I try to conquer it by doing things like today, in coming to meetings.

I'm also most of the way through the IAM course and wanted to take this opportunity to pass on my heartfelt thanks to Mark for his patience in dealing with my many issues as riding bikes for fun is not my forté.  I am embracing the B roads now and starting to enjoy it, but I can honestly say that I don't always enjoy the rides during the observed runs.  Why?  Yesterday was a classic example of being distracted by the rain.  Why?  Because I had no idea about these pinlock helmet visors and how they were meant to work.  Mark patiently told me how the visor was meant to work, how to adjust the pinlock so it allowed the insert to fit perfectly, and how to test.

It's not just about biking - it's about being a good biker by knowing how your equipment works.  Mark is an excellent observer (in my opinion) and it should be noted by whoever that this is so.

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08/04/2018 5:54 pm  

It was good to see you today Stuart.

I'll have to get Mark to show me what he knows about Pinlock, after 5 years of using one, relatively satisfactorily, I've only just, in the last week, got it to work properly! 😊


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09/04/2018 3:46 pm  

It was lovely to meet you yesterday after the flurry of emails. Great to put a face to the name.  🙂

Be Happy.


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