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21/04/2018 6:53 pm  

Had a lovely ride up the west coast today.

I was starting to get a bit thirsty when I saw a sign for a coffee shop in Drigg (just near Sellafield). So I followed the signs to Drigg station where I found a little craft shop. I went in but realised that I had no cash only my card. A lady came out of the back and I asked about the coffee shop. She motioned me through to the back of the shop. I asked if she took cards because I had absolutely no cash on me at all, I'd paid the window cleaner the day before with my only £10 note and forgotten to call in the bank on the way out. She said it was no problem but that she only did coffee and cake. So I had a cup of coffee and what I assume was a homemade piece of date and treacle flapjack.  Both were just what I needed.

It was only a small place and quickly got chatting with the other people having a coffee and cake, a couple from Bedfordshire, a husband and wife pair of cyclists and a local chap.

When I came to pay the owner said that she doesn't take cards and that not to worry about paying! I said that I felt guilty that I'd had some cake too and she said not to worry about it, it was her good deed for the day!

I will return and pay for my coffee and cake but it was a lovely place to stop and  good cup of coffee and piece of cake, very highly recommended but please take some cash!



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