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Positioning for narrow and steep hairpin bends.  


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11/06/2018 3:13 pm  

Hi everyone

A question for you more knowledgeable and experienced riders.  Steep and narrow hairpin bends are not my favourite parts of riding.  I was trying to analyse this last night and some part of it is just down to me getting more experience but then I thought, how do I get the 'right' experience to build upon?  So thinking back to going over Hardknot, Wrynose and some slightly less daunting hairpins on Lea Yeat Brow (on the way back from Garsdale to Cowgill yesterday), what might be causing me to feel unsure is that I am not entirely convinced I know where to position myself on a single track road with poor or no visibility round the corner, especially (on a LH bend in particular) when the inside of the corner can be near vertical if the hill is steep.  

Gear, breaking and acceleration aside, what is the optimal positioning for steep, single track hairpins both up and downhill please?

Cheers - Jules

Be Happy.

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12/06/2018 7:07 am  

Riding in the Alpes is great for practising this. Obviously on single track proceed with great care  and use horn if it is blind. Aswide an entry as possible with line to avoid steepest gradients. Turn head to look through the bend and aim for  a late apex. Sure others will have more to add. 

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21/06/2018 7:25 am  

The other factor on single track is being able to stop in HALF the distance you can see to be clear.



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