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Garmin Map Updates - Temp. Files taking up Disk space  


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08/01/2019 5:31 pm  

Yesterday, when trying to run Windows Update on my Surface Pro 4, which only has a 128GB hard drive, I was getting the message that there was not enough hard disk space to carry out the update. When I checked I only had a couple of GB spare. Then I remembered seeing this post on the VFR forums:

Posted by Red Leader

I could never understand why my laptop C drive was filling up so much! When it got down to only 10gb remaining after downloading the latest Garmin Map update to my Zumo 660 and PC I had to do something.
I always delete the old maps after an update, but still disc space was disappearing!

The problem is when you download Garmin map updates they go into a temporary folder, BUT after the update is complete these huge files are not deleted. Using the method below I recovered 60gb of disc space! What a crap system!!

The fix:
1. Press the Windows key + "R" to open the "Run" command.
2. Type in %programdata%\garmin\coreservice\downloads\map and then press "Enter".
3. Here it will list all the maps (in folders) it still has stored in temporary memory. Just have a look at the size! Right-click on a map folder you want deleted.
4. Select "Delete".
5. When prompted, confirm you want to delete the folder.
Now, the map should be in your recycle bin. If you empty it, you will gain space back on your hard drive.

(Note: you can use file explorer to go to C:\programdata\garmin\coreservice\downloads\map)

On checking I found I had about 50GB of space taken up by these files. I deleted them all and all was good 😀


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13/01/2019 6:01 pm  

Cheers Bob, just deleted all mine.



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16/01/2019 10:43 am  

Thanks Bob deleted mine too.