IAM Associate Membership

Skill For Life (SFL)

The IAM’s “Skill For Life” package currently costs only £149.

The SFL Fee covers:

  1. Associate Membership (i.e. someone who has not yet passed the advanced test) of the IAM and the Group you choose to join e.g. Morecambe Bay Estuaries Advanced Motorcyclists Group (MBEAM)
  2. a flexible “training” programme with MBEAM (6 core sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours each) with MBEAM handbook and logbook to prepare you for the test
  3. a copy of the IAM’s book “How to be an Advanced Rider – Pass Your Advanced Motorcycling Test”
  4. the IAM’s Test Fee
  5. your first year’s Membership of the IAM as an IAM Associate
  6. access to certain Member services and events

Buy “Skill For Life” online

Note: While you can apply for the full SFL package, you can, if you wish, take the IAM Test direct without joining an IAM Group but the pass rate is lower this way compared to going through an IAM local Group or a qualified private instructor.

IAM Full Membership

If you have joined the IAM as an Associate through the SFL scheme then, on passing your test, the IAM will write to you to confirm that you have become a Full Member of the IAM.

Your first year’s IAM membership fee was included in the SFL fee from the date you joined a local Group.

To retain your IAM membership each year, you will have to pay the IAM their annual membership fee. This can be done by cheque or automatically through a bank account.

Full Membership of the IAM will entitle you to apply for Full Membership of an IAM Group (or Groups), but you will have to pay any Group you join their annual membership fee in addition to the IAM’s annual membership fee.

If you pass your test while you are an associate member of MBEAM, you will be invited to join MBEAM as a Full Member.